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CNC Beveling Machine for H-beam

Product Application Introduction

This machine is mainly used in steel structure industries such as construction, bridges, municipal administration, etc.

The main function is to beveling grooves, end faces and web arc grooves of H-shaped steel and flanges.

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Product Detail

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Product Parameters


Item name   Parameter
BM38-6 BM38-12 BM55-6 BM55-12
Longitudinal slide Quantity 1 2 1 2
Longitudinal stroke 300mm
Drive motor power 0.25KW 0.37KW
Lateral slide Quantity 1 2 1
Longitudinal stroke 800mm 1050mm
Drive motor power 0.25KW 0.37kw
Milling power head Quantity 2 4 2 4
Milling cutter Indexable carbide blade
Axial adjustment of conical milling cutter 60mm 80mm
Spindle motor power 7.5KW 15KW
Beveling column Quantity 2 4 2 4
Vertical travel of power head 1050mm 1300mm
Vertical movement drive motor 1.5kW 2.2kW
Clamp movement range 100~600mm
Clamping mode Hydraulic clamping
Beveling deep retaining iron Quantity 2 4 2 4
Working schedule 0~40mm
Drive motor 0.04KW 0.06KW
Conveying roller table Length of outside conveyor roller table 5000mm
Power of external conveying motor 0.55KW 1.1KW
Power of motor in machine 0.25KW 0.55KW
Overall dimension of main machine (length × wide × (high)   7.3*2.9*2m 14.6*2.9*2m 7.0*4.0*2.8m 15*4.0*2.8m
Main machine weight   5000KG 10000KG 11000KG 24000KG

Details and advantages

1) Because of the use of CNC longitudinal sliding table, the locking process of beam with inclined end face can be completed at one time.
2) Frame structure is adopted for the frame, with reasonable structure design and strong stability.
3) The milling head adopts top-down milling mode to reduce vibration and improve tool life.

CNC Beveling Machine for H-beam7

4) The beveling head is guided by a rectangular guide made of ductile iron, which has good wear resistance and ensures smooth milling.
5) The feed of milling head is controlled by frequency converter with stepless speed change. Each axis is controlled by decelerating motor and encoder, with accurate positioning.
6) The Beam is clamped by hydraulic pressure, and the wing plate and web plate of the beam are compressed by multiple oil cylinders to ensure smooth milling.

CNC Beveling Machine for H-beam6

7) Equipped with centralized lubrication system, the key parts of the timing and quantitative lubrication.
8) It is easy to operate with HMI touch screen. It has the function of automatic setting of cutting parameters, which can automatically change the amount of milling and greatly improve the productivity.
9) The frequency conversion roller table is used for feeding, which can stably transport.
10) The machine is an automatic production line. The feeding channel, main machine, discharging channel and other devices constitute an automatic line, which can automatically and continuously mill the same type of H-beam.

Key Outsourced Components List

NO Name Brand Country
1 Linear rolling guide pair HIWIN/CSK Taiwan, China
2 Hydraulic pump JUSTMARK Taiwan, China
3 Internal shaft oil pump motor S.Y Taiwan, China
4 Electromagnetic hydraulic valve ATOS/YUKEN Italy / Japan
5 Programmable controller Mitsubishi Japan
6 Frequency converter INVT/INOVANCE China
7 Limit switch TEND Taiwan, China
8 Touch screen HMI Taiwan, China
9 Pneumatic solenoid valve AirTAC Taiwan, China
10 Filter regulator AirTAC Taiwan, China

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